Top 10 Healthy Foods for Eye Care

A quick question; do you eat food that looks good to the eyes or one that is good for the eyes? Well, a well-balanced, healthy diet is necessary to maintain the overall health. However, a poor diet and junk food eating lifestyle can put your eyesight at risk. Healthy nutritious food is the key to […]

Nutrition and Your Eyes

The foods you eat and the dietary supplements you take affect your overall health and the health of your eyes. Nutrition and your eyes are linked together and can help prevent certain eye diseases along with other health problems. Healthy FoodsChoosing healthy foods improves your overall health as well as your eye health. Dark green […]

Where to donate eyeglasses

Why donate your old glasses?One big reason to donate your old eyeglasses: You can easily change lives. Over 1 billion people around the world with vision loss and lack of access to eye care could regain their sight with a pair of glasses, according to the independent nonprofit OneSight. Donating a pair of glasses you […]

Behind the eyes of Down syndrome

How Down syndrome affects eyes and visionUp to 80% of children with Down syndrome experience vision issues. Between 46% and 100% of all Down syndrome patients are at risk of issues stemming from uncorrected refractive errors, glaucoma and more. Early diagnosis and treatment of these vision issues are necessary for individuals with Down syndrome. This […]

Schizophrenia and your eyes

Schizophrenia and your eyesVisual impairment likely isn’t the first thing people think of when they think of schizophrenia. However, schizophrenia and the medications prescribed for it often impact visual processing. Patients may experience visual hallucinations, involuntary eye movements and other visual symptoms. Scientists are still unsure how many of these symptoms start in the eyes […]

Resource Guide for the Legally Blind

This resource guide for the legally blind provides a clear definition of “legally blind” and outlines the support available to help people with visual impairment thrive. This includes a list of apps, organizations, products, programs, tools and other resources to help the legally blind learn, work and live — from performing everyday tasks to filing […]

Are learning-related vision issues holding your child back?

Vision and learning are intimately related. In fact, experts say that roughly 80 percent of what a child learns in school is information that is presented visually. So good vision is essential for students of all ages to reach their full academic potential. When children have difficulty in school — from learning to read to […]

Is too much screen time bad for kids?

During school breaks and holidays, children tend to increase their recreational screen time. As parents, we tend to worry, but do we need to? We asked UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals’ Jason Nagata, MD, assistant professor of pediatrics and screen time researcher, about links between screen use and illnesses such as obsessive-compulsive disorder and conduct disorder […]

Everyday things that can hurt your eyes

Every day — in some cases every hour and long into the night — we check our phones or play games on our digital devices, probably without blue light protection. Long walks on the beach and hikes in the woods are great, but without sunglasses, we put our vision at risk. In fact, many of […]

What can you use to clean your eyelids?

Proper eye hygiene is critical for prevention and treatment of mild eye infections. It is also key in managing various chronic eye conditions. One of the easiest ways to clean your eyelids is with eyelid wipes, scrubs and other similar eye-safe products. Though many of these are available over the counter, some circumstances may require […]